Orev Workings

Understanding our network security and management software

OREV’s Surveillance Technology agents collect vast amounts of transaction data non-stop 24/7. It incessantly samples the data, encrypt it and deliver it to the OREV Server where the data is analyzed by fast AI algorithms and analytics. The analysis coupled with the Dynamic Rules Engine enables the instant (<1 Sec.) security alerts.

  • Viable Network

    Viable Network

    OREV’s Surveillance Technology agents collect information at multiple levels continuously at all endpoints, when a security or operational malfunction is detected the instant response capability ensures the network’s viability throughout the entire year.

  • Encryption


    The data collected from all endpoints is encrypted and sent to central OREV Server for analysis.

  • Five Levels Analysis

    Five Levels Analysis

    OREV’s powerful Artificial Intelligence analytics and algorithms analyze vast amounts of data collected.The analysis includes correlation of past and present events and project future possibilities of similar events to occur.The five levels of analysis provide also a higher degree of accuracy when profiling endpoints and events.

  • Dashboard


    The OREV dashboard reflects, in real time, all network processes and operations at all endpoints, giving the administrator online control over the network’s operations and to respond to critical and operational alerts at an instant.

  • FAST.

    These are some of the distinctive advantages of Orev’s
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