The OREV edge originates from its intelligent concepts.

  • One focal point of control of all network functions, security,
    hardware and software performance.
  • Instant detection of critical security and operational events in under 1 Sec.
  • One comprehensive solution eliminates inter-vendor potential software incompatibilities.
  • Detection and potential prevention of internal fraud.
  • Comprehensive, real time dashboard visibility of all
    operational activities in the network .
  • OREV software will monitor and control networks of millions of
  • Instant detection of unauthorized hardware or software
  • On-line inquiry for hardware and software status
    throughout the network.
  • Performance monitoring of all hardware and
    software, to ensure 100% network reliability.
  • Dashboard enforcement of corporate rules,
    disciplines and compliance.
  • Audit trail of all network operations at all
  • Comprehensive reporting, programmable to its
    form, content and frequency.
  • Continuous economic optimization, reducing operating costs.
  • OREV supports Big Data requirements.
  • OREV software does not interfere or slow down enterprise computer
  • Easy installation. It takes 2-3 hours to install the OREV
    software, no special configuration required.
  • OREV is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and

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