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Detect, Respond, Restore and Report

Cybersecurity Monitoring, Breach Resilience, Asset Management and Compliance all on one platform

Change Management Driven Detection and Response

Rapidly Restore Normal Operations Post Breach

Significantly reduces the amount of time of Root Cause Identification and Breach Containment.

Pro-Active Compliance Reporting

Auditor Ready Technical Risk Controls Reporting that normally takes days, and in some cases even weeks, are ready in minutes.

Compliance Frameworks Supported:
*PCI-DSS                         *CMMC
*NIST 800-53                 *CIS
*NIST 800-171                 *SOC2
*ISO 27001                      *


Rapidly Restoring Normal Business Operations Post Breach

Historically, cybersecurity companies have focused on
prevention and detection, which have proven to be inadequate.


OREV enables organizations to immediately identify Breach
Root Cause and recover from compromises faster.

Reduce network downtime – accelerate identification of
any process, file, or application altered after the breach.

"Transforming cybersecurity into cyber resilience involves prioritizing breach resilience over defense"
-Gartner Maverick Research 2021

Breach Resilience



The OREV Platform

OREV advocates a “Data First” approach, leveraging comprehensive process and file driven cyber risk monitoring and change based data management.

OREV efficiently captures comprehensive change data throughout the entire network – files, processes, applications, hardware and other critical device functions – to generate actionable and timely insight and response.

OREV has unparalleled data collection and analysis at the source, with the ability to condense, efficiently store and augment data with no latency across devices and the network.

The OREV platform is driven by proprietary “Intelligent Surveillance Technology” (IST) agents.

OREV is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to install and deploys in about an hour!

Use Case #1
OREV Compliance Reporting eGovernance, Risk & Compliance

OREV generates current and historical network, software and hardware technical risk and performance reports to fulfill framework specific required data.

Evidence Based single source of information to track and report compliance related activities while maintaining data integrity.

Document and demonstrate repeatable and auditable processes for auditors and examiners.

Maps real time data to multiple, unique compliance frameworks with equal speed and ease, all supported by a comprehensive Audit Trail.

Significantly compresses compliance reporting time and costs!

Use Case #2
OREV Breach Resilience
Response, Resilience & Recovery

Reduce and limit the length and expense of business interruption.

Think of OREV as a virtual “Digital Black Box” , capturing 100% of all relevant data, providing incident responders and security analysts the tools they need to embrace Breach Resilience.

Enabled by broad distribution at all end points of OREV proprietary Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) data collection agents.

Deep data collected by OREV’s Intelligent Agent Technology allows instant breach identification with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Triage completed in about an hour.

Identify and isolate malware-impacted devices and deactivate processes in minutes/hours readying them for immediate restoration from back-up.

“It's also apparent that companies are still not prepared
enough for breaches even though they are becoming more commonplace”

– Varonis, April 2021

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We decided to implement OREV because identified a ransomeware bug upon installation – no others did.

Andre Gomes Alay


We decided to implement OREV because identified a ransomeware bug upon installation – no others did.

Andre Gomes Alay


OREV gives us an awareness and security depth none else offers.

Steve Schwartz, CISSP

Director of IT, Lionsgate

Our network administrator loves the comprehensive dashboard reporting. It saves time, manpower, and we have better control over the network.

Eduardo Waller Viana

Manager, Bradesco

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