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Breach Resilience

OREV efficiently monitors, collects, stores and analyzes an incredible amount of data, enabling forensic analysis and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to be completed accurately and swiftly by providing historical reporting with full record from time of install.

The OREV Data Universe

The comprehensive data collected and recorded by the Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) agents at all endpoints becomes a virtual “data universe”, a forensic history of all that has transpired on the network, providing an actual model and replica of the entire activity set. The information aggregated facilitates the ability of tracing the origins and causes of all events, which makes Orev a unique and powerful forensic investigation and RCA tool as you can “play back the tape” to identify exactly what happened.


EPP and TDR Under One Roof

OREV coalesces the key elements of best of breed Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Threat Detection & Response (TDR) solutions to deliver one singular, comprehensive cyber security platform. OREV combines multiple essential security capabilities, real-time endpoint monitoring and a vast collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and root cause analysis and triage capabilities – in one unified console.


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