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Detect and Response

OREV’s First Detect (patent pending) and First Discovery, provides the basis for the Non-Log Driven, File Based Change Management Platform. Process, File, Application, Hardware Additions or Changes, DLL and other critical device functions highlights instant notification of never before seen network events. The real-time platform provides end users the ability to gain greater telemetry into their network, while condensing data collection with a small footprint of 1024 bytes/day/user.

Zero Trust Framework

OREV operates on the premise that the network perimeter has essentially ceased to exist. OREV has repositioned cybersecurity defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on identity, users, assets, access management, operations, endpoints, hosting environments and the interconnecting infrastructure that make up modern “infinite edge” networks. OREV emphasizes resource protection and the belief that trust is never granted implicitly but must be continually evaluated.


Intelligent Surveillance Technology

OREV Intelligent Surveillance Technology (IST) agents will do “on the spot” analysis, at all endpoints, instantly. That includes, identifying anomaly issues at all fields, vulnerable locations of the network, suspicious events. Instant analysis leading to instant issue identification. The IST agents make the OREV data universe possible.


Schedule a Demo

Seeing is believing. The best way to understand how effective OREV can be is to see it for yourself. We can provide a custom demo tailored to your priorities and needs.